A downloadable frog simulator

Turbo Frog Seducer is a fast-paced arcade game about seducing frogs for the Pokitto game console. The sun sets in two minutes... show off your dance moves and impress as many frogs as you can!

Turbo Frog Seducer was made in 4 days for the 2021 game jARM.

The source code is also available on GitHub: https://github.com/halworsen/turbo-frog-seducer

Install instructions

The easiest way to play is to use the mkpop tool by Felipe Manga. Simply drag and drop the binary into the tool.

You can also use PokittoEmu. The source code on GitHub contains a dockerfile so you can build an image with PokittoEmu and the game ready-built. If you're using Docker on Windows, you will need VcXsrv. Launch VcXsrv with access control disabled and run export DISPLAY=<your-local-ip>:0.0 in your container before running PokittoEmu.

 If you have a Pokitto console, you can also flash it with the binary to play.


TurboFrogSeducer.pop 396 kB
TurboFrogSeducer.bin 119 kB
tfs-source.zip 628 kB

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